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Message from the President

TECHNOVEL Corporation is a technology-oriented company that was established in 1991. The name is a combination of TECHNOLOGY and NOVELTY. We have endeavored to develop equipment to satisfy the needs of our customers primarily for engineering and manufacturing of direct molding lines of films, tubes, and profiles, in addition to conventional palletizing. Based on our uncompromising design philosophy, TECHNOVEL will continue to introduce new types of products like a novel processing machine from Japan that can be used for novel processes, in addition to conventional extrusion molding.


Key Aspects of Our Company

¡¡While the scope of extrusion molding is expanding from the single-screw extruder for melt molding of plastic material and the twin-screw excluder (co-rotating, counter-rotating, parallel type, conical type, etc.) for extrusion molding of hard PVC to complete intermeshing co-rotating parallel twin-screw extruder principally used for highly charged compounding or compounds for composite materials, we developed a sophisticated, complete intermeshing co-rotating multiple-screw extruder that belongs to a so-far unknown field of technology (four-screw extruder).

¡¡In May 2006, a US patent was granted for our co-rotating parallel four-screw extruder (Japanese patent pending), and with this, we began to propose an approach from a different perspective from the compound in addition to the conventional kneading and dispersion compounding related to the co-rotating parallel four-screw extruder. Extruders, where applications in material production are so diversified, range from mass production and mass consumption to diversified types of small volume production and environmentally conscious production. Therefore, the development of equipment that is superior in total running costs will be a key element for manufacturers, considering the initial costs for compact design as well as the reduction in machining loss during manufacture of the extruder, selection of the drive motor for the appropriate rotational speed of the screw, and the specific energy consumption of the extruder after the machine is installed.

TECHNOVEL will further collect and organize data for compounding and comparison of specific energy consumption using our compounding testers after numerous experiments and will incorporate the results into single-screw, twin-screw, and four screw extruders.

Corporate Profile

Company Name:
7-8-5, Higashinakahama, Joto-ku, Osaka City
\30 million
April 1991
Description of Businesses:
Manufacture and sales of extrusion molding machines and plant equipment
Patent Granted:
Four-screw Extruder (US Patent)

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